Organizational Impact

RUNNING HEAD: Organizational Impact

Organizational Impact
Innovation is what gives a company the competitive advantage to be successful in a given industry. Not only does innovation benefit a company’s success, innovation has an impact on a firm’s strategy, processes, services and products offered by the organization. The author takes a look into, and provides support of Fed-Ex, Target, and Coca-Cola’s impact on organizational innovation.
Federal Express (FedEx)- Service
According to the FedEx website (2009), “FedEx was built upon innovation and it continues to be an integral part of the FedEx culture and business strategy. Our commitment to innovation propels the development of ideas, products and services that empower our customers to grow their businesses around the world”(Our Company, para. 1). For the last 30 years, FedEx has distinguished itself as the leader of overnight or just in time delivery and remains committed to founder Fred Smith’s vision of focus on innovation. Fred Smith believed information regarding the package was as important if not more important than the package itself. One of the early innovations of Fed Ex was the ability of the customer to track a package in real time.   In providing the real time technology, Fed Ex has enabled the customer to streamline delivery efficiencies as well as improving supply chain demands. Additionally, this real time access allows FedEx and the customer to remain connected to global markets.
FedEx corporate encourages all team members to participate in brainstorming on innovating ideas. Presently, FedEx continues to innovate itself through the Memphis based FedEx Lab. The FedEx Lab enables a centralized team to collaborate with other teams to develop ideas of innovation, which allows FedEx to remain fluid with creativity and remain competitive.  
In 1979, Target celebrated the company’s first billion dollar milestone, and Target continues its celebrated success well into 2009 enjoying...