Organizational Behavior

Final Project

Elizabeth Thrush

Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

As I reflect on my job this year, it has certainly been a significant change. When I think about all that I have accomplished from bringing of my job at food lion creating excitement among my coworkers which is delivering good results.

Experiencing real growth for the first time in a job that I real love doing, amazing what happens when you real listen to customer and your coworkers. The customer told me what they want and tough that their eye we as a team worked hard and commitment what we know here at food lion and was able to meet their needs. As a manger listening and committed to my employees is the best way to show them how things are done right. I have met their needs. It is the combination of listening to our customer and employees and making our business stand above the rest. Using determination which we commit to perform, even if barriers stand in our way, we can deliver. We know we can conduct on each other achieve and our goal. When we are honest with ourselves and with other we are using authentic. We are fair and principled towards our colleagues, our suppliers, our customers and our store.
We Show Courage for the road less traveled the courageous rebound from tough times and temporary setbacks we have demonstrated courage throughout time.
We as a team have put humor and humility in our everyday work. By put humor in the work place it has helped us to grow as a team. It helps to put things into prospective and to distance oneself from setbacks and success. Humor keeps us from taking our jobs and us too seriously. It helps to make the work place more enjoyable while we work.

My biggest frustration is that my team is motivated. Using discipline to make the more motivated does not work. As I work with my team at food lion I food that I had to create a positive productive work environment by aiming to satisfy four basic...