“The CEO, or organizational leader, is arguably the individual with the most influence in developing the values needed in the twenty-first-century organization. It’s very important the involvement and total commitment of the CEO, it’s very unlikely that any major change effort can be successful” (Perscio John & Morris Patricia R, 1997, p. 201).
So if becoming a CEO of the organization for a day most likely I will change the company policies and practices that ensure excellence in quality products and/or services and demonstrate accountability to customers, vendors and suppliers (O'Rourke, 2007, p. 201).   It is very crucial in today's business and service sector environments to deliver high quality products/services to the customers. Will also make sure to provide special attention to quality results in satisfied customers. Will also make sure that employees pay special attention to quality so that organization can attract new customers as well as retaining existing customers, as a result, they are consistently successful. According to O'Rourke (2007), a successful organization leads the customer to expect high standards, which only they can provide, thus making it easier for them to sell their product or services.
Other changes I will bring in the organizations to make sure to perform employee balanced performance appraisals and compensations. The reason for implementing this to standardize performance appraisals and evaluations of all employees which be conducted annually. All compensation for business managers will be based on organization performance, not just how individual managers perform (O'Rourke , 2007). Employees should be paid bonuses on the basis of how well they participate in training and ethics programs
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