Organizaion Culture

Search engines are the most important actors on the Internet today and Google is the undisputed king of search. Google dominates the Internet, guiding users to the information they seek through an ocean of unrelated data with astonishing precision and speed. It is a powerful tool, evoking ambivalent feelings (Tene 2007).
Google is a technology leader in the internet information providing industry. The Google search engine is the single most powerful search engine on the World Wide Web. Google search engine has become more sophisticated, trying to incorporate almost human-level artificial intelligence in its algorithms, making search results more relevant to the requirements of the user. Search results are also no longer restricted to web-pages; they include images, videos, books, maps and more.
We believe that the key ingredient of Google's success has been its superiority over its competition with respect to technology utilization and commercialization. Therefore it is necessary that we talk briefly about the technologies that are driving Google's success in the search engine vertical and its innovation in development of various user products and services.
This report presents the research area specific that Google business, the search engine company was the starting point for analyze its business strategy and to use the analytical tools and techniques covered in this module to frame your thinking and findings.
In our research, it has been found in many literatures that Google in internet has applied in different organizational content. The literatures have based on online resources, internet web sites, whitepapers, journals and press releases.
2.1. Historical Perspective
Google's founders, Sergey Brin and Larry Page, met by chance on a University of Stanford tour in the summer of 1995. Page, at the time, was working on a PhD research project involving the mathematical properties of the link structure on the internet....