Organisational Behaviour of Ahmad Medix

Organisational Structures
Organizational structure is a system used to define a hierarchy within an organization. It identifies each job, its function and where it reports to within the organization. This structure is developed to establish how an organization operates and assists an organization in obtaining its goals to allow for future growth. The structure is illustrated using an organizational chart.
• Functional Structure (Organisational Hierarchy)
• Product Structure.,,.,..,(Branch Ka)
• Market Structure,.,..,,..,
• Area Structure.,,.,.

Organisational Hierarchy:

Span of Control:
The span of control is low as there are 3-5 employees reporting to their managers. This low structure is due to the fact that organization is a vertical and different people have different works to do so. It is also difficult to control more than five people and still manage the resources and people in an effective manner.
Unity of Command:
CEO ONLY REPORTING TO Board of director.

Product Structure:
The product portfolio of Ahmad Medix consists of majorly:
• luxury van
• Ambulances
• blood donation vans
• DSNG van
• fire trucks
• forensic lab
• incident command vehicle
• mobile clinic
• motor home
• recovery vehicle
• rescue vehicle
• screen LED
• water rescue van


Market structure:
• Punjab Emergency Service (Rescue 1122)
• UNDP (United Nations Development Program)
• Shahnawaz (Pvt.) Limited
• Pakistan Rangers
• Pakistan Navy
• Pakistan International Airline (PIA).
• Punjab Police Lahore
• Hospitals & many more.

Area Structure:
Ahmad Medix have no area structure. Ahmad Medix provide a customer services in Pakistan.
Objective & Key Functions of the Business:
As Ahmad Medix were the pioneers of making the Quality Ambulance in Pakistan therefore their major completion is with the...