Organ Donation

Research Paper on Becoming an Organ Donor
                                                                                                                    April 18, 2011                                                                                      
The   Donor   Registry   Program   in   America   today   is   an   absolute   tragedy.   There   are   6,205   mommy’s,   daddy’s,   grandma’s,   grandpa’s ,   brothers,   and   sisters   that   die   annually,   while   waiting   to   be   the   recipient   of   a   organ   transplant.   Organ Statistics/facts ( May 2008).   Is   it   possible   that   the   United   States   of   America   is   far   too   passive   pertaining   to   the   laws   that   govern   “Organ   Donning?”   Should   the   U.S.   impose   similar   laws   like   Belgium,   Spain,   and   France   have   implemented?   These   countries   consider   everyone   an   organ   donor,   unless   they   specifically   specify   they   don’t   want   to   be   a   donor.   Wow,   American   which   is   known   for   being   the   “Land   of   the   Free”   and   “Home   of   the   Brave,”   where   people   from   other   countries   risk   their   own   lives,   and   the   lives   of   their   loved   ones;   just   to   have   the   chance   to   live   in   this   great   country.   So,   why   is   it   that   our   state   and   federal   government   not   only   mandated   that   every   American   citizen   is   to   wear   a   seat   belt,   but   our   elected   officials   made   it   a   “law.”   The   reason   for   making   this   a   law   was   simple,   “Seat   Belts   Save   Lives,”   so   why   can’t   the   same commonsense   be   applied   to   every   state   in   the   U.S.,   which   should mandate   every   citizen   will   be   declared   an   “official”   organ   donor,   unless   they   specify   they   don’t   want   to   participate   in   the   program.   It   was   reported   by   “Car –”   in   Oct   2010,   if   individuals   who   were   killed   in   an   automobile   accident   had   been   wearing   a   seat   belt,   132,000   people   would   still   be   alive   today.   It   is   time...