Orcale vs Microsoft

Oracle vs. Microsoft databases

The intent of this paper is to show the differences between Oracle and Microsoft databases.   The comparison will be used to assist an organization to determine which database would be better for their organization.  

Oracle provides a wide range of database options for the individual developer, small to medium size company, or large enterprise.   They have four databases options that allows and organization to scale the growth by only purchasing what you need to start and gradually adding more services as needed.

• Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition provides industry-leading performance, scalability, security, and reliability on a choice of clustered or single-servers with a wide range of options to meet user needs.
• Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition is an affordable, full-featured database for servers with up to four sockets. It allows you to save money by buying only what you need today, and then scale out with Oracle Real Application Clusters as demand grows.
• Oracle Database 11g Standard Edition One allows you to get started with small, two socket implementations at only $180 per user (5 user minimum).
• Oracle Database 10g Express Edition is an entry-level, small-footprint database that is free to develop, deploy, and distribute.
Oracle is considered the best databases in the market because of its ease of use with its database schema and easily understandable definitions.     The physical and logical structures consist of at least one instance of an application, storage, and alphanumeric system identifiers.   These features provide better performance and less scheduled down time.  

Microsoft Access is a relational data management system that is usually combined with Microsoft Jet Database engine.   This relational data model matches data through common elements.   This allows the data to be organized and grouped for easier understanding.  

Microsoft Access is very wide spread and is easily accessible.   It...