Oral Exam

Reading Passage 1 Highlighted words & phrases that are difficult & others that could be stressed; intoned to express a particular emotion appropriate to what is being said.

In this passage, the writer describes an unfortunate experience which happened to him while on holiday.

We were on holiday. We had travelled a long way by car. We had visited many famous cities and were on our way home. We were young and adventurous. "Let's avoid main roads. They're boring!" I said. "Look, there's a road shown on the map which goes through some unspoilt country. Shall we take that?" 9/10

My friend agreed and we turned off on to the back road. It was deserted. We drove through valleys between high hills. We could hear birds singing as we drove quietly along the road. The sun shone brightly. Occasionally, in the distance, we could see people working in the fields. 6/7/10

At last we came to a small village. A group of men were standing by the side of the road. One waved us down as we approached. He appeared to be very excited and spoke quickly to us in his native language which we could not understand. "Do you speak English?" my friend asked hopefully. [Insert your own commas, breaking the longer sentences down into groups of 3-5 words each]

The man continued to speak even faster in his own language. We tried every language we knew, but to no effect.   [Frustration/anger]

"Oh, come on, let's go on," I said. [Frustration/anger]

[Frustration/anger] We swerved round the man and drove out of the village. [PEACE] calm Peace soon returned. The valleys became greener and steeper; the road was even emptier than before. At last, as evening approached, we reached a fast-flowing river. There was a bridge across it, but it was closed off as the middle had been washed [Frustration] away by a flood. [Realisation & CLIMAX]: At last we understood what the man had been saying. Our hearts sank.
Conversation Topic 1 How you might go about answering the examiner’s questions (using...