You have discovered that one of the global companies you chose to supply the control chip for your remote has an on time delivery rate of 82%, while the rest of your parts are supplied on or before the scheduled delivery dates. Reexamine your original process assumptions based on this new information.• Write a paper of no more than 700 words in which you consider an alternative to the process you designed originally.
• How does the fact that the supplier is located in a different country affect your evaluation process?
• Are there certain cultural business factors that may impact your planning and decision making?
• What statistical process control technique would you use to evaluate this?
• How can you apply the learning curve concepts to test the alternative against the existing process?
• How reliable will the new process data be initially?
• Purpose of Assignment.   Students gain an understanding of applying learning curve theory.   Students also learn how to compare the current process with an alternative process and evaluate how effective the alternative process could be if implemented.   Additionally, students explore the impact of global supply on processes.
Some entrepreneurs consider outsourcing as an indispensable management technique which is vital for their survival in this competitive market. These people take no notice of the downside of it. The losses can be enormous and irrecoverable. Outsourcing might be appealing to without looking into the outcome of it. Many firms who outsource their business process do so in view that it would lower their costs and focus more on their core business activities. Then again this is not the true picture of the outsourcing story. Outsourcing can be considered as a process where by the unseen costs are far too higher than the expected benefits. An example of such cost can be the loss of customers due to service disruption or low quality products.