Ops Bottleneck

Week Three
OPS 571  
March 10, 2011

      A bottleneck   is a source of help ideally identified to determine when capacity is fewer than the required   position. A bottleneck is a restraint within the structure of a business that confines   its output. This paper briefly discusses how the Pizza simulation and bottleneck theory remain relative to a successful organization.

Identify & Discuss
      The process is the effect on the serving times for food from the time the kitchen receives orders while accounting for the completion of preparation, and the impact it has on the amount of customer the restaurant can serve in each sitting. The pizzeria has nine tables with a capacity to seat 25 people at 100% capacity. The challenge to accommodate the customers in the least amount of time, taking into consideration the busiest time of the day (noon) throughout the restaurants operating hours.

The Process
      The Theory of Constraints is a business viewpoint introduced by Dr. Eliyahu M. Goldratt. Goldratt believes that efficiency in any scheme is in a weak position by bottlenecks decreasing key processes. Goldratt relates these obstructions as restrictions; he also states that each organization has at least one slightest constriction limiting its highest potential. His Theory of Constraints designs a five-step procedure intended to develop effectiveness, production and prosperity by administering these restraints, therefore raising the capability of the complete organization.

Identify & Overcome
“Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints takes three measurements that attract his focus are throughput — usually defined in terms of sales, operating expense and inventory. He suggests that by following his five-step process, throughput can increase while operating expense and inventory decline, making the entire operation more profitable”(Goldratt, E., 1997).
Overcoming by implementation of the Theory of Constraints is a...