A Fortune 500 Company
LaChelle Davis-Moore
December 12, 2011
MGT 521
Tracy Bomar-Howze

      Walgreens a Fortune 500 company ranking at 32 on the list, seems to be a successful company over its 100 years of business. Charles R. Walgreen, of Chicago is the founder of the continuous growing company, which opened in 1901. As a mutual fund investor identifying Walgreens strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) will be imperative in deciding to invest in the company. The decision to invest in Walgreens will be based on all four areas of SWOT, special focus on results from the opportunities the company has acquired between last year and this year.
      The purchase of New York, base drug store Duane Reade, April 2010 (cnnmoney.com) has been one of the company‚Äôs flourishing opportunities. To purchase a company such as Duane Reade is a risk which for Walgreens was a risk worth taking. As a result of acquiring this new business the company has already reaped benefits; Walgreens sales have increased since the 2010 acquisition of Duane Reade (cnnmoney.com). Walgreens also purchased drugstore.com in March 2011, to tap into the online purchasing (Walgreens news intranet). Drugstore.com offer a variety of beauty needs and health needs just as Walgreens does in-store and online.   Although, the company has its own online ability at Walgreens.com the acquisition of drugstore.com will eliminate a little competition. Soon, Walgreens will be offering health insurance policies "As always, we're looking at a number of options in light of health care reform as we continue to seek ways to help our customers better navigate today's health care system," a Walgreens spokesman said (articles.courant.com). Another, success is Walgreens contract with CVS Caremark, this partnership allows for millions of CVS Caremark customers to fill prescriptions at Walgreens generating increase profits (Abelson, Singer.2011).
In addition, Walgreens has made a...