Ops 571 Week 3 Quiz

OPS 571 Week 3 Quiz

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1.) When considering outsourcing, what should firms tend to avert?

Allowing outsourcing to develop into a substitute for innovation

Losing control of non-core activities

Giving the outsourcing partner opportunities to become a strong competitor

Allowing employees transferred to the outsourcing partner to rejoin the firm


2.) What is the important starting point in developing a capacity plan?

Predicting the ability of suppliers to meet needs

Determining the effective capacity of a resource over some period of time.

Predicting the needs of customers

Understanding key components of the supply chain


3.) Which of the following is an input to the master production schedule (MPS)?

Bill of materials

The aggregate plan

Exception report

Inventory records file


4.) Which of the following is an input file necessary to run an MRP program?

Planned-order schedules

Bill of materials (BOM) file

Exception reports

Quality management report


5.) Which of the following forecasting methods is very dependent on selection of the right individuals who will judgmentally be used to actually generate the forecast?

Simple moving average

Time series analysis

Delphi method

Weighted moving average


6.) The main purpose of aggregate operations planning is to specify the optimal combination of which of the following?

Inventory on hand and financing costs for that inventory

Workforce levels and inventory on hand

The workforce level and the degree of automation

The strategic plan and the products available for sale


7.) Which of the following is an essential resource that flows through a hospital supply chain?



Doctors and Nurses



8.) In business forecasting,...