Ops 571 Final Exam Latest Uop Final Exam Questions with Answers

OPS 571 Final Exam Latest UOP Final Exam Questions With Answers

1. Which of the following is considered a major process flow structure?
• Lead Time
• Fabrication
• Lean Manufacturing
• Project
2. ISO audits result in certifications that are done by first, second, or third parties. Which of the following result in the best certification of a firm?
• Certification is sought by any firm assuming they pay annual dues.
• 2nd Party – where a customer audits its supplier
• 3rd Party – where a qualified national or international standards/certifying agency serves as an auditor
• 1st Party – where a firm audits itself against ISO standards
3. Which of the following is ISO 14000 primarily concerned with?
• Quality management
• Time management
• Continuous improvement management
• Environmental management
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4. Which is the one correct value stream principle?
• Look for efficiencies in the factory, office, physical, procedural, and technical operations.
• Eliminate waste that stops, slows down, or diverts the value stream.
• Concentrate on speeding up value-adding operations rather than removing waste.
• Keep the value stream moving at minimum velocity.
5. What is the starting point in developing a capacity plan for a health care operation?
• Determining the effective capacity over time
• Estimating design capacity
• Forecasting patient demand for a reasonable length of time
• Discovery of the bottleneck operation
6. Which of the following is considered an organizational blueprint, which prescribes the quantity and time frame for when each end product will be assembled?
• MRP (Material Requirements Plan)
• ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)
• MPS (Master Production Schedule)
• WBS (Work Breakdown Structure)
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7. Which of the following is an element that addresses elimination of waste under lean production?
• Kanban production control system
• Production ahead of...