Oprah Is Bad

Jake Thomson
ENGL 1030.14
PG #4
Oprah Winfrey

Oprah is one of the most generous persons in the whole world. She is a well-known Philanthropist who has her own TV show, Magazine and various foundations. She gives away so much free electronics and other goodies on her show “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” However, why MUST her name be on everything she donates? Thousands of people donate money to charities all over the world. It seems that her donations happen to culminate in front of a worldwide television audience. Its one thing to donate your money and time but it’s another to do it in front of a camera.
Oprah is the most influential person of the decade. She has more organizations than any other celebrity. I see Oprah as a person who craves the spotlight more than any other celebrity ever. It wouldn’t surprise me if she had a camera crew follow her every move and action. I bet she has a video archive of her adult life. She comes across to me as an attention hog and someone who loves herself more than others. I hope she does it not for fame but from her heart. It is hard to believe that since she happens to have a camera around 24/7. Oprah has given the second most dollar amount in the last decade. She is second to only Bill Gates.
The difference between Bill Gates and Oprah Winfrey is how the money is donated. Oprah would have an hour long “decision” show on who would get the money, such as LeBron chose to take his talents to South Beach. Bill gave just about every penny he has earned from his job, too much dismay from his kids, to charities. Oprah comes across as a generous person, but to me she comes across as selfish. Selfish- her actions bring her fame and the spotlight, not happiness. I have no doubt that down deep inside that so called heart of hers is a genuine person who doesn’t need a camera crew around to please herself. I don’t doubt that the money was put to amazing causes but how that is done shows character. Oprah being a celebrity is often...