Opposition Paper

Employee Free Choice Act

As a middle class Americans those who are already in a union, may not be greatly affected by the passing of the Free Choice Act. Just because families may not be affected by a change in the way unions become created that is not to say that friends or other family members may be affected by the change from the National Labor Relations Board to the Employee Free Choice Act. The reason why this issue is important now is because of its highest ranking supporter President Barak Obama. During the presidential race last year,   President Obama stated being in support of the Employee Free Choice Act, and if he should be elected President of the United States he would make that the law of the land. Staying true to his word, this year in March the Employee Free Choice Act has been left to Congress to decide its fate. The following will explain the pros and cons of the Employee Free Choice Act and its supports.
The action plan of the Free Choice Act is to make it easier for union organizers to create and start a union. There is no doubt that unions help American workers at an unprecedented level before they were created, but before union working conditions for American workers were atrocious. Companies had a great advantage over workers; relative wages were very low, working hours was very high and working conditions were almost hazardous. In places such as; mines or construction, safety precautions for workers were almost nonexistent, and child labor was commonly known before unions. With the presence of unions, the standard of living for American workers, at the work place, dramatically increased. Union regulations implement an age limit for employment, that wages are adequate to job descriptions, and each employee follow Labor laws.
In America illegal immigration, has caused a threat to employment opportunities, as some employers may choose to hire an illegal immigrant versus citizens to save on labor cost. Unions help protect American...