Opposite Directions

Walking home from Lana’s house, feeling frustrated, angry and hate. I mean why, why does she always do this to me? It’s not like I do this to her! Unlike her I value our relationship. We always have the same fight over and over again!
…Am I just not pretty enough, do I not have a great taste in cloths, is it because I don’t wear make-up or do my hair like she wants?
Why does she not include me in-group activities. Like take this for example, when Brit and Charley want to go to the movies, she wont invite me, she would just make up a lie that she is staying home or has a family function, when really she is going out to the movies with Brit and Charley.

Its 3.30 in the afternoon told mum I would be home at 5.
I really can’t be bothered to face mum, like I love her and everything but when it comes to friends she just doesn’t get me. She doesn’t like me getting worked up on friends that don’t even act like they are my friends. She doesn’t understand why I even call Lana a friend when all she does is hurt me. Mum’s says she is more like an enemy then a friend, which I kind of second but I don’t tell mum that.
I guess I am friends with Lana because I don’t have any other friends and I want to belong to a group and she is the only person that took me in. I think me wanting to belong has over powered me belonging, because I wanted so much to belong to a group, that I don’t feel like I belong to that group.

Heading towards the shop to treat my self to ice cream and drain my sores.
Its now 4.15 should start walking home, need to get home before 5.

I finally get to the top of my street; sweating my ice cream, I cheer aloud ‘only 5 more houses down’.  
Getting closer to my house I see a small black car reversing out and speeding off in the opposite direction. Confused to what just happed my legs began to walk faster and faster. I get to the front gate of my house. Strange dad’s home, ‘shouldn’t he be at work’ I say in a low confused tone.

The long...