Opioids Market Overview to 2023 - Opioids in Western Europe

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Opioids in Western Europe Market Share, Size,
Trends, Growth, Analysis and Outlook Research
Report by Hexa Reports

The report provides an estimation of 2013 opioid revenues and forecast consumption and revenues until
2023 in the five major Western European countries: the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain. The
estimated revenues for 2013 are highest in the UK, which held a share of 52%, followed by Germany
with 20%. Spain had the lowest in terms of both consumption (3.3%) and revenues (2.2%).
Their use for medicinal purposes has been highly controversial for several decades. Although recognized
as potent painkillers, potential for misuse is high. As a result, all regulatory authorities strive to maintain
a fine balance between enforcing strict regulations that will crack down on illicit usage but at the same
time ensure accessibility for genuine medical purposes. Amidst concerns regarding inadequate pain
management due to low accessibility, there are also concerns regarding a lack of significant clinical
evidence of their role in managing chronic pain. However, new abuse-deterrent technologies provide an
incentive to prescribe more opioids in pain management by alleviating concerns over misuse potential.
The approval of such new drugs
and formulations has proved a new impetus to growth in opioid usage in the five major Western
European countries.
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Opioids are largely used for two medicinal purposes: pain management and substitution treatment for
drug dependence. Several of the recently approved and pipeline opioid analgesics have a strong focus

Hexa Reports
Market Research Reports and Insightful Company Profiles
on reducing misuse potential, which is one of the most significant barriers to usage in pain management.