Water, it’s the reason European explorers and fur
traders arrived in Michigan long before they got to
many other parts of the Midwest.   With shoreline
on four of the five Great Lakes it’s also the reason
it attracts travelers today.   Michigan also has vast
forests, farmland, large cities, and small towns.
The state is a paradise of recreation in both the
summer and winter months.   Michigan is a great
place to live or a great place to visit!

Complete 4 activities to earn your Michigan Try-It.

1. Michigan State Symbols
Every state has symbols to represent them.  Learn about Michigan’s symbols.     Search on the web, write to your representative, or research them at your local library.   Try to find at least two in your local surroundings.   Can you find any in your backyard?   At your local park?   While you’re on a fieldtrip or vacation?

|1. State bird             |5. State reptile               |   9. State game mammal                   |
|2. State flower           |6. State stone                 |10. State soil                           |
|3. State tree             |7. State wildflower             |11. State song                           |
|4. State fish             |8. State gemstone               |12. State fossil                         |

2. Michigan State Flag
Search the web to find information and a picture of the flag to print and color.  Try to color your flag as true as you can.

3. Michigan Industry
The three largest income-producing industries in Michigan are manufacturing, tourism, and agriculture.   Make a list of 10 products grown or made in Michigan.   Try a few new to you.

4. Michigan Legends and Stories
The legend of Paul Bunyan grew out of the logging area in Michigan.  The legend of the Sleeping Bear Dunes was told before the lumber industry began.  Find a book on one of these or find another on your own and read it with your family or troop.

5.   Origin of the name Michigan
Every name has a history, how was ours derived? ...