Operational Art and Design Paper

C402 Operation Art and Design Exam Questions


It is now early September 1942.   You are a staff officer with the Combined Chiefs of Staff, European Theater of Operations.   As a recent CGSOC graduate, your supervisor has tasked you to review the Norfolk Group's plan and related documents (Parts 2 and 3).   The Combined Chiefs will meet soon to be briefed on the planning thus far to advise President Roosevelt and Prime Minister Churchill on the status of Operation TORCH.   Your supervisor's instructions to you are:

"I want you to review this outline plan and the associated communications (Parts 2 and 3) and give me your assessment of how well TORCH supports the M/NATO theater objectives and how well TORCH includes the main elements of operational art and design.   However, to do this correctly you first need to understand the M/NATO environment and situation.   Use operational design methodology thinking to understand the North African campaign and how TORCH fits in it.   Do not give me a national or European strategy assessment. Answer the questions I have provided, and give me some responses I can give the Combined Chiefs.   Remember that TORCH is a major operation subordinate to a larger North African Theater Campaign. The Chiefs will be here in about six hours, so you don't have much time."

Requirements are listed below, beginning on page two of this exam.  
Read each question carefully!

Section A:   Theater Strategic level, the North African Campaign

1.   (12/15 pts) Review the Operational Approach...