History is often said to be the documentation of change.   People in power frequently do all they can to maintain their power and resist change, while people without power try to achieve power in order to enact change.

From each of the units we studied, we can find an example of the government violating laws, morality, or human rights in order to maintain their control over their citizenry:

1.   French Revolution:   Sealed Letters. Political Imprisonment. Concealment of debt/expenditure.

2.   Russia:   Stalin utilizing secret police (KGB) to silence political critics.

3.   Germany:   Hitler initiating the Holocaust. Hitler using the SS to intimidate and imprison political prisoners

4.   USA:   Lying to American people in regard to the Vietnam war (pentagon papers). Cover ups in regard to mistakes made legitimizing the Iraq War. “Patriot Act”  

5.   Japan: Deceiving their people in regard to their victories in ww2 and the world at large.

6.   China: Deception in regard to 5 year plan successes. Great leap forward etc.   Deception in regard to how the rest of the world was living. i.e. Americans are starving. Tianamen square protests / oppression. Current Chinese censorship.  

All the above is simply some key examples. There are more from the Countries listed as well as countries not listed.

**Your task is to choose a country and an instance of that government engaging in deception, cover up, or oppression in order to maintain power over, or control of, their citizenry**

Should Include:
I.   Detailed background information i.e. “Historical Context” of the event.
II.   Motivations FOR the government’s actions. How were their actions legitimized either internally, externally, or both?
III.   Motivations on the part of the dissenters—the people or groups of people oppressed (if any).   What were they trying to change? Why?
IV.   What happened?   The WHAT of the process of cover up or oppression