Operation Support System

Operation Support System (OSS)

• The role of operational support system is to efficiently process business transaction, control industrial process support enterprise communication and update corporate database.
• The Information system generally deals with the support of business operations known as operation support system produces a variety of information product for external and internal use, however such products produced by OSS needs further processing for efficient use by manager.

The various Operation Support Systems are:

i) Transaction Processing System (TPS)
ii) Process Control System (PCS)
iii) Enterprise Collaboration System (ECS)

i) Transaction Processing System (TPS):
• It is a category of OSS that generally record and process data resulting from business transaction.
• It is generally process sales, purchase, inventory and other organizational database. These databases then provide the data resources that can be processed and used by DSS and EIS.
• TPS processed transaction into two ways:

1. Batch Processing System.
2. Real Time Processing System.

1. Batch Processing System: Data is accumulated over a period time and processed periodically.
2. Real Time Processing System: Data is immediately processed after a transaction occurs.

ii) Process Control System (PCS):
• It is a category of OSS in which decision about a physical production process are automatically made by computer through routine decisions that control operational process.

Ex: A petroleum refining center uses electronic sensors which are linked to the computers to continuously monitor chemical processes and make instant adjustments that control the refined process.

iii) Enterprise Collaboration System (ECS):

• It is the information system that uses a variety of information technology to help the people to work together.
• ECS helps to collaborate and communicate ideas, share resources and co-ordinate work effort of an organization.
• The...