Afnan Bakr
Dr. Bailey
ENGL 150

Op-Ed piece for Adrienne Rich’s speech
“What Does a Women Need to Know?”

Typical graduation speeches are mostly inspirational and encouraging. That’s what’s Rich’s speech sound like but with a twist! In her speech, she followed the technique of scaring yet real and for the benefit of her audience. Graduates of a women’s college, Smith, in 1979 were Rich’s audience. In her speech “What Does a Women Need to Know?” Adrienne Rich challenges women students to take control of their learning experience, to find out what they need to know, and to take responsibility for seeing that they learn it. Rich seems like a tough and an independent person, she is quite rich of general and self-knowledge and that’s what she is trying to turn her audience to look up to. I think her speech was perfectly delivered. The real life example she gave I believe were effective and helped her reach her goal of the speech.
First, Rich began her speech by saying “Without such education, women have lived to and continue to live in ignorance of our collective context…” I agree with her as education is the most important aspect for each women to give attention to; as men’s power known as physical, likewise women’s power relies in the their intelligence and their knowledge. I think it’s true that women have always been put behind when it comes to almost anything in life other than taking care of their families and home but not themselves. They have been put behind in the art fields, science, media and other social activities. Women should know that they have the right to say NO if they feel that they are being blind folded to see only what the society and what men want them to see. Women should be awakening to see what opportunities are truly out there waiting for them.
Moreover, Adrienne stated “There is no women’s college today which providing young women with the education they need for survival as whole person in a world which denies women wholeness.”...