Onsite Gym

To: Whom it may concern
Date: [   May 2009 ]
Re: Onsite Gymnasium
In today’s society there is a major concern about the health of the people and that is also a concern here at Medco.   We are continuously told how important it is to maintain a healthy lifestyle but it’s becoming extremely more difficult to fit that into our daily schedules..
Most of our jobs require us to be seated at a desk, minimizing the amount of movement we do.   I myself, a customer service representative is required to be on the phone in order to assist our members, so for most of the day I am seated.   Emails make it very convenient for us to communicate with our peers, but eliminate that 5 minute walk to get our hearts pumping.   Walking through the building you see many overweight individuals and although from time to time there are programs in place to motivate weight loss, I believe that we need to have a constant method of weight management/ weight loss available to all.
I believe that it would be very convenient and motivating if we were to have an onsite gymnasium.   It would cater to the individuals who continuously work overtime, the individuals who cannot afford a gym membership and also the people who have a bit too much going on in life to make time to go to the gym and get to work on time or make time for their families.   Health is very important to us all and being in healthcare we should also ensure that our employees are healthy and able to take care of our members.