Hi my dear friends….these are some of the   Online questions which are given by my friends who were already attended & got Selected in TCS.

    hope these questions will help u a lot…….

1. Equations based questions….

  Ex: x=4y   and find (x+2y)/(x+y)   like that…this will be very easy…

2. A question based on this formula x3-y3=(x-y)(x2+xy+y2)

  Ex: I got this question…..(31^3-27^3)/(31^2+31*27+27^2)===? ans: 4

3. There   is problem like “ One scientist making research with Bear and the colour of Bear is changed according to direction…and Bear goes to North, 1 mile and South 1 mile….what is colour of bear?”......for this question don’t put any answer…this is dummy question for make u to get negative mark…don’t   put any option for this…SKIP   that question…

4. A problem will be ages…the problem will be looking very lengthy and don’t afraid of that…actual data for the problem will be ar last 2 lines….very easy problem

  Ex: One grand father in village and he has 2 sons ..married   and not married like that wasted data will be given…in last lines it will given as “eleder son’s age is 2 times older that younger and some relation” then u can easily answer

5. A room is like Rectangle Shape.. length,bredth will be given some values…..and 45 bricks are needed to built 1 sq.metre room….then how many total bricks are needed to built total room???

  Ex: for example l=25, b=15 then we have to find Area first…i.e. A=25*15=375 sq.metre

  And in the question it is given as for 1 sq.metre 45 bricks then 375sq.m ??? ans: 375*45=16875

6. Average based problems…

  Ex: 7 persons average weight   will be given and if 8th person is added then wat is the 8th person weight???? Very simple calculation..u just go through these kind of problems in r.s.agarwal

7. Problems based on cubes(sorry, I don’t knw this topic so I left this)

8. Problem based on V=IR formula…for this a lengthy problem is given

  Ex: A wire is there and thickness is...