Online vs. Traditional

Benefits of Traditional Education Versus Online or Televised
From the good old day until now, there are about 90% of the students around the world study at a place called school. We got no choice to choose where we really want to study but school. However, school is a place offer knowledge and information to students, also is a place that most of the people grown up in here. However, study at school is not a bad thing, but somehow people think school is a jail for kids. As we all know, 21st century means future is coming, there are a lot of things are going to change in this world. Study at home is not just a dream anymore. But as I am still a student, I prefer to study at school because study at school can meet people from different places in your society, easy to communicate, and let teachers take care of students easily. However, study at school is not really a bad thing, but it depends on how you look at it.

First of all, school is a place which we can meet people from different places in your society. Friends are important in everyone’s life, somehow we can’t live without friends. School is the most important place for people get together and study together. At the first nobody knows each other, but after a period, they start to get alone with others and help each other. School is a really good place for people who want to make friends, and also is a place to learn a lot of information.

Secondly, study at school is easy for people to communicate each other. All of the people have experience of school; we all know classroom is the place where we study at school most of the time. In a classroom, which is not very big, but enough for about 40 students, students study together and help each other. We can ask questions whenever we deal with difficulties; moreover, we can discuss with friends and teacher easily because we can see each other in live.

Third, study at school is easy for teacher to take care of the students. Whenever we have questions or...