Online Students

Tips to becoming a successful online student

Think that taking online classes is a cake walk? Study from home. Work at your own schedule. No one ticking off your attendance. No pesky instructors staring you down while you squirm in your chair and stutter to explain the symbolism of Moby Dick.

Maybe so. But taking classes online also includes a number of challenges that force students to become more responsible for their own time and their own learning. Showing up to class and pretending not to sleep won’t cut it in a virtual environment.

here are a few tips for being successful in an online class:

1. Manage your time effectively. Most online courses only require that assignments are turned in by a certain date and time, but they do not require students to be logged in at a specific time or to be “in class.” Therefore, students have the flexibility to complete assignments and study the material at a time that is convenient for them (assuming that deadlines are met). Determining your schedule depends on your circumstances: Would you prefer to study in the morning or at night? What are your work or family obligations, and where can study fit in to that schedule? Without the demands of a set schedule, it can be easy to postpone study and to fall behind. Managing your time and being self-disciplined will help you to succeed.

2. Create a study space. Just as you need to set a schedule for study, you also need to create a place to study. The benefits of studying at home mean that you can do it anywhere. The drawbacks of studying at home are that … you can do it anywhere. It’s easy to plop down in front of the t.v. or to turn on some music or chat with a friend while you are supposed to be studying or finishing an assignment. Those are distractions that will easily cause you to fall behind if you’re not careful. It’s best to set aside a space where you can concentrate and be free of distractions. If that’s not home, then take your laptop to a local coffee...