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In the module of business ethics, I realised how a business played an important role that will affect entire human being life and non-human stakeholders. Also, business should not only focus on their individual and shareholders benefits but also need to pay attention on the issue of sustainability of environment and their stakeholders. Most of companies are only focusing on their own business areas, for example, developing new products, penetrating new markets, and create new resources. During these activities, the company gets plenty resources from the society, especially the international companies. Considering the fierce price competition on the market, more and more international companies will move their manufactory to developing countries in order to reduce their labour cost. However, when the companies extend their business, they also create many other problems.
Take the global fast food restaurant McDonald’s for example. The company has successful penetrated over hundred countries and different markets around the world. McDonald’s delivers fast food and good service to their broadly customers However, behind of their products and good services, the company generated plenty issues which directly impacted to each individual life and the public benefits. In my first essay, I addressed four different issues from the aspect of social responsibility and the sustainability environment.
First of all, the life style is changed. McDonald’s taken this advantage and stretched their business area in many developing countries. China is a good example. More and more McDonald’s has extended in the big cities or second-level cities. Nevertheless, the company delivers fast food which resulted in obesity, diabetes and other diseases. Concealing from the products and good services, McDonald’s is needed to control their cost and to maintain the maximum profits for the company and their shareholders. Therefore, McDonald’s hired a lot of younger employees whom are under 21...