Online Education Versus Traditional Education

Online Education versus Traditional Education
      With the techno savvy world that we live in today, an education can easily be earned whether we are at home alone, in the big easy chair, or sitting at a desk in a classroom full of other students. A person with a computer can earn a full Masters or Doctoral degree, right from the comforts of home. Opposed to the traditional style of having to drive to class or relocate to another city altogether, while sitting at a very uncomfortable desk, that was doodled on to pass the extra time away.
      Times and things have changed in the 21st century, including our ways of getting educated. Classrooms used to be little, one-roomed buildings, that had one teacher for an entire day and students were educated about everything from Algebra to United States Government. As times changed there were more teachers to teach classes. Teachers wrote on blackboards and students were told to raise their hand if they had a question. Today, the virtual world that we live in anything from a Forensic Scientist to a Veterinarian can be taught and or learned from cyberspace online and the world of technology, you just have to have a computer, and Internet service.
      In online classes, communication is dependent upon if the satellites are all working properly and if you paid your Internet bill on time. You can communicate with your teacher and other students through email, and then you sit and wait for a reply, or an answer to your posts or emails. There are no teachers looking at you as you do your assignments or raising their eyebrows if you talk out loud. Online learning is today offered at most all the Ivy League universities, with “University of Phoenix” being one of the ‘pioneers’ of online learning and finding all kinds of ways to attract students from all walks of life. Leonard Presby, a professor at William Paterson University, explained, “Faculty members are often surprised at how much extra time is involved when they first...