One to One Interaction

One to One Interaction
Between Nurse and Patient

I had created a Script where I played the Nurse and my partner played the patient. My script had been created to give an example of therapeutic communication and the importance of it in the health care sector.
What is therapeutic communication?
Therapeutic communication is a fashion of interacting that focuses on the emotional and physical health and needs of the patient. This intentional mode of verbal interaction is a way to resolve emotional conflicts that affect many patients. Health professionals use this process to emphasize explicit, nonjudgmental interactions that allow individuals to feel a sense of security as they share their emotions. Compassionate communication can be beneficial in the healing process.
Therapeutic communication:
Encourages positive Interaction - Encouraging a patient to express themselves allows you a more succinct idea of the client's emotional tendencies and helps determine the most beneficial treatment approach. By exemplifying empathy, respect and a nonjudgmental attitude, you promote the favorable side of self-expression and inspire a mutually trusting relationship.
Promotes Openness - When the lines of communication are open, patients are more likely ask for help and more prone to be open about persisting symptoms or difficulties they may be experiencing. A client's honest summation of how the medication is helping or impairing them allows health care specialists an opportunity to address problematic issues immediately and reevaluate treatment options. In his collaboration with a study of the benefits of therapy for all patients, psychologist John S. Westfield agrees that empathy in therapy encourages a client to develop and reinforce beneficial therapeutic tools—honesty, open communication and self-confidence. These things can help patients in hospital as well. When the patient is feeling side effects from whatever medication has been given, the patient needs to feel...