On the Road

Anna Nammour
Mr Murphy
HN English III
October 23rd, 2013
Thematic Analysis Essay
Wars throughout the centuries had caused both the loss of physical and psychological innocence of people who are involved in it.   This loss of   innocence shown in Ernest Hemingway's novel, set in the 20th century war time, has the same effect as previous wars had on its people.   The 20th century Spanish Civil war caused great destruction to both its land and the people living on it. Those people who are caught in the war's path of destruction such as Robert, Maria, and Pablo show how the war has had a great tole on their lives. This is proven by each character's thoughts and actions;   Robert by his confusion on what he should do in the war he is brought into, Maria by her course textured physical experiences as a result of the war, and Pablo by how the war has changed him into what other characters in the novel describe as a 'bad man'. Therefore,   Ernest Hemingway's novel, For Whom the Bell Tolls, examines moral confusion that war can cause through multiple characterizations of the characters presented in the text.
Robert Jordan, also known as Roberto to the camp of guerillas, is sent by a Russian officer to blow up a bridge with dynamite to stop the Fascists from attacking. Robert, being a soldier for years, treats these orders as any other he has gotten before, never giving them a second thought. This means that Roberto had killed before with out having any regrets because he does not see   the people dying in front of him. Roberto is shown not to think of anyone else but himself as an idealist soldier. He is also a stoic character neither showing or expression emotion with people around him and during his missions. As the story moves along, Chapter one explains Roberto as he enters the camp and meets every single member of the guerrillas, he starts to make connections with each and every member of the camp except Pablo. As   Roberto starts to get close to each of the other...