On the Little Prince

Two worlds in the Little Prince

Thesis submitted to the faculty of XXX(这里填上所就读的系)

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XXX(这里填上所就读的系), XXXX(你所就读的大学)
May 2016


    For this thesis, grateful acknowledgement goes first to my supervisor XXX(填上导师的姓名), who took time from her busy schedule and gave me valuable advice on how to choose an appropriate topic, what and how to study. Without her patient reading, careful thinking and expert instructions, the completion of this thesis would be impossible, at least, not so successful.
    Besides, I would like to avail myself with this opportunity to thank all teachers and professors in XXXX(这里填上所在系), XXXX(你所就读的大学) University, whose devoted teaching and enlightening lectures have benefited me a lot.
    Moreover, I grateful acknowledge all my classmates and friends who have been supporting me throughout the four years, making my college life colorful and meaningful.
    Last but not least, my sincere gratitude also extends to my family, especially my dear parents, who have been working hard all day, supporting, encouraging and caring for me all of my life.


    The essay divides the journey of the little prince into two worlds: adults’ world and children’s world. Then it analyzes the loneliness in human nature and the contradiction in life presented by the characters that the little prince meets. At last, the essay stresses the original motivation of the world development and the meaning that the story to the real world.

Key words: adults’ world; children’s world; the loneliness in human nature

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