Omaramamountain Lodge

Omarama Mountain Lodge is an upscale tourist resort in New Zealand. It caters to very wealthy, famous people looking for a secluded holiday. It offers a hunting reserve, golfing, house trekking, photographic safaris and other helicopter trips around a lake, among other activities. It was set up by Peter Slater, a New Zealand Department Conservation investigator, and an Indonesian who was the son of a former Indonesian President. Slater recognized an opportunity to cater to the worlds wealthy by establishing a top notch resort in a secluded and peaceful environment.

1. Likely characteristics of market segment targeted by Omarama mountain are:
• Made up of very wealthy people
• Made up of very famous people
• Small (Not many people are very wealthy)
• Spread out over the world
• People who like travelling long distance for vacation

2. There are many more wealthy famous foreigners than New Zealanders. New Zealanders will be probably unwilling to pay a high price for lodging and vacation in their own country. Customers of the Omarama Mountain Lodge are likely looking for a unique experience.

3. Customers pay a premium price for the tourism experience at the lodge, they would expect top-notch high quality service, and service that is always available when requested. They would also expect a broad range of available activities much more than they would get in other nearby, cheaper tourism centers.

4. To keep it current customers and attract new ones, Omarama lodge must work hard and spend more to maintain its superior services compared to other resorts in its vicinity, so that customers are justified in paying the higher price. It must strive to stay ahead of the cheaper lodges in the area.

5. Market research by Omarama Mountain Lodge will be difficult for the following reasons:

• Customers are spread across the globe, and are from different cultures
• It has few customers (since not many people are very wealthy), so the sample space...