Omar Ibn al-Kattab

Omar Ibn al-Khattab sometimes referred to as Omar Al-Farooq or just as Omar, he was the second caliph of Islam out four caliphs (al kulafa’ al-rashedeen), he used to be called the prince of Muslims by the Muslims around him, they give him this name because they wanted to call him in a respectful way.
Omar is the son of Khattab, the son of Nufail, the son of Kaa’b, the son of Lua’i, the son of Feher, the son of Quraish, that he meets with prophet Mohammed in the forth grandfather “ Kaa’b,” which means they are relative. Omar was born in Makah around 581 to the Adi clan of the Quraish tribe. Omar belonged to a family of average class in Makah, but he was able to become literate, and was well known for his positive attitude and his physical strength becoming a champion wrestler.
When Mohammed first declared his message of Islam, Omar took it as a sacrilege upon the idolatry of Quraish and his ancestors. Omar was well known for his hot temper, and one day he resolved to kill Mohammed, because of the misunderstanding that is going on between Quraish idolatry, especially Mohammed’s family is one the famous idolatry in Quraish, and they cant leave Mohammed for them. However, he was stopped on his way to Muhammad's house with news of his sister's conversion to Islam. This news caused him to make a detour to his sister's house, where he found both her and her husband with Khabab Ibn Al-'Arit who was reading a verse (Surah 20. Ta-ha) from the holly Koran that was written on a piece of paper made out leather. Omar was initially angered by this and began threatening them and accidentally struck his sister, but when he did that a paper fall down from his sister hands, but she picked it up very fast that made Omar carious about what inside it. His sister refused to give it to him, unless he go and wash up, and because of the sight of his sister bleeding made Omar hearts to come down, and went to wash up. He started reading (surat Ta-ha), and he was...