Oliver Twist

This story start with Oliver Twist was adapted and worked in a workhouse. Though he had a place to sleep, but he could only sleep comfortably. He didn’t want to have this kind of live, so he ran away. On his way, he met a Dodger and was brought to meet Fagin. One night, Oliver Twist played a game with him and the other two boys. The rule of the game was to get the things from Fagin’s pocket quietly. An old man saw that, and he thought Oliver steal Fagin’s things. At last, Oliver was free. Then, Oliver Twist moved to Mr. Brownlow’s house, Mr. and Mrs Brownlow were very kind. They took good cares of Oliver. They made new clothes for Oliver and gave food to him. One day Mr. Brownlow wanted Oliver to buy some books for him, Oliver was kidnapped by strangers. Mr Brownlow knew their fair was died, he left a will and it made Oliver became rich. At the end, the bad guys were all caught by the police and Oliver grew up. He could take care of himself and live a happy life.
After reading this book, I think the part about Oliver Twist asking for more, “Please, sir, I want some more.” said Oliver Twist (Olive Twist, 12), really surprised me because he gives me a feeling that he is brave as being a young child, he will ask for things he wanted and fight for them without hesitation. But on the other hand, I think that being too brave and did not think of the consequences is not a wise behaviour. What if Mr. Bumble is a mean person, Oliver Twist may receives more troubles and bad treatments, such as not letting him to eat and make him sleep in a cold place without a blanket or ask him to work late and wake up early.
Another part that impressed me is that, from the quotes, “Rose Fleming and Henry Maylie were married in the village church” (Oliver Twist, 356) and “Mr Brownlow adopted Oliver as his own son” (Oliver Twist, 357), you can see that Oliver Twist and his friends live happily ever after. The reason why I felt impressed is because I think that though they have hardships in...