Old Chang Kee

Halal Certification Benefits
Published: 2009 Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) - Website
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Nature of Business

The Old Chang Kee brand aims to fulfill the following promise
  * To deliver consistently a wide variety of high quality hot finger food and ready meals through standardised food preparation processes
  * To refine, and modernize traditional food recipes for the modern, multi-cultural customers
  * To provide an alternative to fast food for the busy and mobile city dwellers
Old Chang Kee – About Us (2005 published)
We Are Halal

In 2004, Old Chang Kee set on to fulfill one of its brand values which are to develop products that would appeal to the multi-cultural and multi-religious segment of society. We draw our inspiration of the various spicy finger foods from different ethnic cultures. Recently we achieved "Halal" certification to reach out to the Muslim community.
As Singapore is a multi racial society, Old Chang Kee obtained the “Halal” certification from Majlis Ugama Islam Singapura (MUIS) in 2005 so that their products can reach out to different ethnic cultures.   This certification is widely recognized in major Halal markets like Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia and more.   It benefits the company by pulling closer ties with the global Halal market and enhancing their competitive advantage in the global market.   With that success in mind, Old Chang Kee can also enhance their brand values in re-develop their products to reach out...