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Anxiety and mood essay

University Of Phoenix
Psy 410
Kidd Colt
Stacey Dixon
April 26, 2010


Anxiety and mood essay
      What is anxiety and how is it affecting 18% of Americans today? Anxiety is explained to be one of the most common mental disorders to the U.S. population (Kessler et al., 2005). Anxiety is described as an unpleasant emotion that one may experience when in danger. There are two kinds of anxiety studied by psychologists: trait and state anxiety (Endler & Kocovski, 2001). Trait anxiety is how an individual responds to anxiety. An individual with high levels of trait anxiety would feel anxious majority of the time and an individual that has low trait anxiety would seldom feel anxious. State of anxiety is when an individual has a certain response when in a particular situation. Like the fear of seeing a snake. Both trait and state anxiety occurs along the continuum this is what determines if the anxiety that one feels is normal or abnormal. The continuum needs to be considered in order to define pathological anxiety because one person’s level of anxiety could be very different from another person’s level of anxiety. The common components of anxiety are emotional, cognitive, behavioral, and physical.
    When focusing on and individuals level of anxiety we must break down the components into groups starting with how anxiety may make one feel and behave. Emotions are the core of an individual’s way of experiencing fear, anger, sadness, and enjoyment.   Emotions are formed by our past and present experiences and are regulated in everyday life. With high levels of anxiety ones emotions might be uncontrollable. They would experience constant worry and negative stimuli emotions, and never clearly understanding why. Emotions can trigger physical symptoms such as, fast heart rate, Muscle tension, shakiness, and headaches. This type of anxiety could make an individual feel as though he or she is having a heart attack or a stroke. Emotional...