Oil Extraction Machine Working Notices

Many more edible oil plant use OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE method to produce oils from oil seed cakes after press, the following is notices that we should pay attention to the Oil Extraction Machine:

1.Trademarks in Oil Extraction Machine
When we buy oil extraction machine accessories, you must have the awareness of trademarks and select the regular brand products. Weigh with your hands firstly before placing an order. Most of the counterfeit parts use inferior materials and turn out substandard goods with light weight and small size.

2.Certifications in Oil Extraction Machine
Production certification. Authentic products are always awarded with the inspection certification, product specification and installation notes from the national quality and technical supervision departments and agricultural product quality inspection station after inspection and quarantine.

3.Specifications & models in Oil Extraction Machine
Observe whether the specification meets the requirements in Oil Extraction Machine. Some accessories look all the same in the appearance but aren't suitable for your machine. Not the largest model or the most expensive is better, but the most suitable one which can meet your demands and at the same time doesn’t waste.

4.Appearance in Oil Extraction Machine
Corrosion, oxidation, discoloration,deformation, aging phenomenon would emerge in the accessories because of the improper storage. Don’t buy accessories of the conditions above.

The last is that the product price that the customers most care about in Oil Extraction Machine . Customers had better visit more companies in Oil Extraction Machine. Get result with comparing.

The above are some tips customers should notice in Oil Extraction Machine.