Oil Extraction Machine Process Introduction

Based on different solubility of the oils, the OIL EXTRACTION MACHINE can separated oils from oil seed cakes after pressing. It is a kind of oil leaching through soaking or spraying pre-pressed cake by a certain organic solvent, which adopts the chemical leaching oil process. The principle of this part is the different solubility of solvent. Based on the competitive advantages in both structure and utilization, oil extraction machine has become the most advanced production technology in the international edible oil processing field.
Oil extraction machine is a solid-liquid extraction oil equipment, its basic working principle is: oil materials which are rolled to flakes or buffered slip into exactor and achieve certain material layer height, at this time, solvent (6 # light gasoline) sprays the fuel through the spray pipe, and establish certain level on the material surface layer, at the same time, push oil plants forword uniformly and slowly through the chain scraping driving by tansmission device. When oil is sprayed and soaked over and over again by solvent (mixed oil), fat in oil is slowly dissolved and precipitated, and dissolved in solvent (commonly known as mixed oil).
After oil extraction machine, Mixed oil flows into oil measures through the grid plate, then use miscella pump make high density oil into temporary storage, and transport it to the evaporation stripping section. Low density mixed oil continues to participate in circulating spray. The oil content is completely extracted after nearly one hour of leaching, Cleached cake slag are pushed by chain into pulp mouth of the exactor, and sent into desolventizer toaster by wet meal scraper for solvent recovery.
Oil extraction machine scope of application: this equipment is suitable for all kinds of raw material leaching, such as soybean germ, rice bran, a leaching. At the same time, it also applies to cotton, rapeseed, sesame seed, tea seed, paulownia seed and exaction of other plant oil pre-pressed...