Of Mice and Men

Of Mice And Men
Have you ever wondered how some people could be so lonely? In the book Of Mice And Men the strongest expression in three of the characters is loneliness. In the book these three characters are somehow always left out and lonely.
One of the lonely characters in this novel is Curly’s wife, this character is lonely because she never gets any attention and this is why she is always trying to talk to George and Lennie. Another reason she is lonely is because she is   a woman and in this period of time women were not evolved in the things that men did so she does not get to talk to many people
Another lonely character in this story is Crooks the reason that he is lonely is mostly because he is black and back the blacks were looked down upon. Another reason he is lonely is because all the other guys stay in the bunk house and he stays all by himself. Crooks is also lonely because while all the other guys go out in the fields to work he is all alone in the stable.
Lastly, the third character that is lonely is Candy. Candy is lonely because his best friend, his dog, was forced to be shot because he was old and useless. Another reason candy is lonely is because he only has one hand this makes him feel like he is left out because he cant go out in the field like the rest of the men and work, this also makes him feel old and useless like his dog.

In conclusion, the main expression in all of these characters, Candy, Curly’s wife, and Crooks is loneliness. A 1990 Gallup study indicated that about 36% of Americans are lonely. This book can help people   realize that there are people out the who are lonely.