Of Mice and Men

Curley’s wife monologue
Alone. That’s how I feel every day. Sometimes I just don’t understand why no-one pays any attention to me. I’m not grumpy, I’m just…lonely, and no-one gives a damn about me. I’ve got nowhere to go and no-one to talk to. Just look at me, I’m out of place in here; I’m the only god-damn girl in this whole entire ranch. None of the boys like me, they just think I’m a whore, a tart, they think I ain’t got feelings, but guess what, I do. None of them know me well enough to treat me like that. To call me all of those names. I could’ve easily been a star. I met a guy once, he was from the pictures. Said I’ve got everything to become a star, to be in the pictures. He told me that I had everything they were looking for. He said that he would send me a letter as soon as he got back to Hollywood. I never got that letter. I bet ya my old lady stole it, she was always so jealous of my success. Said I was too young to be in the pictures, that I didn’t have what was needed to become a star. Baloney.   I was so tired of her, that I decided that I couldn’t live with her no more. That was the night I met Curley. He was such a gentleman at first. He said he could put me in the pictures.