Oedipus Rex

Comp Lit 2,


Question #1

In both of these dramatic/ironic plays we are presented with two main characters possessing very similar traits. Oedipus and Hally also eventually face the consequences of their traits due to their actions, and we are witness to those moments during the play. However, even though they do have their moment of ignorance during the beginning of the play it is set to for them to come to the realization of the person they truly are.
In Oedipus Rex we see King Oedipus first as he solves the riddle to save his current hometown of Thebes from the Sphinx. His actions saved the people of Thebes and gave him a status of a hero and Oedipus later becomes king as well as marrying Jocasta. With all this praise from saving Thebes Oedipus became filled with over confidence and ignorance. His ignorance comes to play later on in the play when he must face possible scenarios. We can also see this sense of pride when he says, “Here I am myself   -you all know me, the world knows my fame: I am Oedipus” (l -7-9). Oedipus believes himself to be higher than other people and does not treat them equally as they should.
In Master Harold and the boys- The play is set in the St. George Tea Room in Port Elizabeth, South Africa Same and Willie, two middle-aged black servants, are cleaning up the room on a rainy day. Hally is the young teenage son of the tearoom’s propitiator. Hally is clearly very close and usually friendly with Sam and Willie. Today, however, Hally is distressed to learn that his father might be coming home from the hospital. It soon becomes evident that his father an alcoholic and disabled. The news about his father makes Hally nervous, irritable, and lethargic about his schoolwork. Hally displays himself as the type of person that is too intellectually inclined to do homework assigned by the school because he feels that the work is not up to his standards. Hally is an egotistical teenager who is more concerned with his own opinions...