Stop The Violence

Do you ever wonder why domestic violence happens and who it affects?

Well it is wrong and needs to be stopped. I would like to show you the statistics

on women battering and how bad it is. Secondly, all the facts that lead up to a

women being battered and how to tell. Lastly the affects it causes on children.

Did you know that Domestic started a long time ago. In the United States public

Awareness of the Domestic Abuse problem became well known during the women’s

movement of the 1970s, which changed the course of history (abuse suite 101).

This way of life is nothing new to humans. It has gone on for hundreds of years.

In 1974, the first shelter for battered women was established ( abuse suite 101).

Opening the shelter led to the establishment of hundreds of shelters and domestic

violence programs throughout the United States. This has impacted lots of women

and some of the results has gone into women battering.

I think their has been a lot of women in the world who have been involved in

domestic violence. These are some details to prove. Approximately 1.3 million

women are physically assaulted by their partner(clark prosecutor). If you think that’s bad

every 9 seconds a women is abused by their intimate partner (athealth). Estimates range

from 95.3% to 99%, most men grow up believing that violence is an appropriate outlet

for there anger(break the silence- stop the silence).   Their has been a impact from

battering and already women have been murdered if this keeps going, their could be less

women in the world and a little percent chance of more men.

After a person is being involved in domestic violence they show symptoms

of change. They occur with more bruises or frequent injuries (feminist Majority

Foundation). The personality goes down and changes, instead of being outgoing and

confident they become more quiet (aardvarc). Also is...