Odysseus Compared to Martin Lutherking

1. What makes Martin Luther King Jr. extraordinary is that he fought for the rights of other people. He was basically fighting for equality for every human no matter what race race you are. Segregation was a big thing back when he was alive so he fought for what was right. What makes him a hero is that he fought for the people who thought were helpless and couldnt do anything about it.

2. Martin Luther King Jr. is similar to Odysseus in many ways, they share a lot of the same charcteristics like they were both brave, intelligent and hopeful. Martin Luther King Jr. was brave because he knew that if he stands up against racism there was a chance that he might get killed and sadly he did get shot and killed. But even though he knew that he still continued on his mission on getting rid of segregation. He was intelligent because he went to college at the age of 15. Finally he was hopeful because he never gave up and when people tried to put him down, he just continued on with his mission. He also is an epic hero because he fought against all odds and continued on like Odysseus, when he never gave up on getting home even though Posiden told him that he would never get home and that he would feel his wrath. Well in Martin Luther King Jr.’s case he was told by many whites that he would never achieve his mission of race equality. But that didn’t stop him at all he just kept going until he was killed. Overall he did manage to sort of reach his goal because segregation was becoming less and less.

3. The reason I chose this person is because he shares some of the same attributes as Odysseus so it allowed me to write more about him. Also because Martin Luther King Jr. is a good example of a hero with no superpowers. He teaches that almost anything can be achived if you just put your mind to it and never give up. Another thing that he proved is that violence is not need to do things he did things in a non-violent way and it got him very far to his goal.

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