Ocf Level 5

Unit 501
Use and develop systems that promote communication.
      1.1 – In my own job role being able to communicate well builds trust and relationships between staff and residents. In my job role the way I communicate with residents is important as I must ensure they receive the correct message, the correct method they prefer. I also deal with resident’s families and social workers therefore my communication must be clear and understood whilst talking to all involved.

      1.2 – In my job role supporting adults with learning difficulties, my communication is to the individuals preferred method and this develops good relationships with all residents and other professionals outside of the company. I use many ways of communicating within and out of the unit. This helps me to share information as a group, 1:1, written, posters and pictures. Within the company we use email as a main way of communicating with fellow staff across the board. I would ensure I phoned and overcome any barriers before communicating to deliver in the best way to aid communication.

      1.3 – There are several barriers in my job role:
  1. Environment – Distractions by background noise, other residents talking over you. The television being too loud.
  2. Use of Jargon – This could over complicate unfamiliar words or terms.
  3. Language – In my unit we have overseas staff who’s language isn’t fluent English this may cause a barrier.
  4. Cultural Differences – Can be difficult as there are so many different wishes and beliefs today.
      1.4 – As a Deputy Manager I offer staff one to one supervisions to discuss any issues. We also have monthly staff meetings for all staff to put forward their thoughts on how to promote communication with in the unit. The unit offers English lessons on a monthly basis for all overseas staff to attend if they wish to do so. We fill in monthly reports to HR to keep them up to date with staff sickness levels. I also will leave messages in the...