Observing an Individuals

1.3 Explain why it is important to observe an individual’s reaction when communicating with them.
An individual’s   observation in all settings is a very important process. Communication with an individual’s is a two way process is not only about sending information, but also about knowing if the receiver has understood the message. During observation we need to pay attention to other peoples facial and bodily reaction because only 70%-80% of communication is verbal. Some people with learning difficulties cannot use words. They will communicate with us using their bodies and facial expression. It’s exactly the same situation with children, when they are very young they can’t use the words, so we need to observe them to find out about their needs.
When we communicate with a child we need to make sure that she/he can understand what we are saying. Some young children may not have an idea what we try to explain to them (this may happen if the child is too young, too sad or too tired). If this happened we need to repeat what we’ve said before (maybe using shorter sentences and age-appropriate language) or we can use our imagination and try to make colourful posters so the child can understand us better. During observation we can find out if a child is happy or sad or if there is anything what may bother them. During child observation we can find out if child have any special needs or learning difficulties ,we can find out as well about how the children skills are developing or how their approach learning (for example their attitudes and learning styles). During observation we will be able to understand the child’s needs, any background or emotional problems. Also we will be able to help the child understand the world better (maybe during special activities involving the child’s   interest).
Observing parents is also an important part of our work. During observation we can find out if parents are interested in their child’s developing stage or if...