Observation- Unit 006
Short observation;
Child A
Date 16/1
Child A was playing in the tuff tray that had compost in. They were getting the compost and putting it into pots.
T 'What are you doing there?'
A 'I'm putting the soil into the plant pots.' T
'Why are you doing that?'
A 'I'm going to plant a seed like I do at home in the garden with Mummy.'

By doing this Child A was demonstrating knowledge of understanding the world at 30-50 months.

From this I decided the next possible step could be to plant real seeds for the child to take care of.

From this I then went on to plan the activity of planting a seed with Child A.

I am planning to get Child A to decorate their own plant pot to add a creative aspect into the planting of the seed. I am going to use a variety of materials, including glitter,sequins,ribbons. I am going to let Child A to do this activity independently with very little guidance. After I have done this I am going to get them to plant a seed in this plant pot. I am going to allow the child to firstly choose what seed they would like to plant and then Show them how deep to poke the holes with a pencil and how to place one seed into each hole. Whilst doing this I am also going to discuss with the child what is needed for plants to grow and test their knowledge on this and how much they already know.

Next step observation;
Child A
Child A had decorated a plant pot and asked to plant a seed which was their next step.
T 'How do you plant a seed Child A?'
A 'You have to put the seed in the compost, mine is going to be a beautiful plant.'
T 'How will you get the plant to grow, what does it need?'
A 'You need a seed,the sun and water to pour into the pot.'

Demonstrating EYFS areas of learning 2012:
Communication and language
Listening to attention/ understanding / speaking
0-11 / 8-20 / 16-26 / 22-36 / 30-50 / 40-60+

Physical development
Moving and handling / health and self care
0-11 / 8-20 / 16-26 / 22-36...