While objectivism is a good idea, there are many flaws to it.   There are good sides to objectivism that does have some merit in terms of what an individual might be responsible to do for himself.   One positive aspect of objectivism is thinking about one’s self, as in true self reflection.   A negative aspect would be neglecting those that need help.   Another negative aspect would be that objectivism is very selfish.
The theory of objectivism is that an act is moral if it benefits an individual.   A positive point of objectivism is that it requires true self reflection.   True self reflection would be stopping and thinking about the end result, and how that would benefit one’s self.   Thinking about the end result would be like studying for a test.   Not studying for a test will not be beneficial.   However, studying for the test will be and could impact a person’s grade.   Another positive aspect of objectivism is that it encourages good work ethic.   A good work ethic would be creating all the ideas that lead to something big, and, in turn, getting all the credit at the end.   Take Boeing for example.   They want people who can be an individual and not rely on a team or group to get something done.   The best feeling is getting all the rewards at the end that come with a good work ethic.   Being rewarded and known as a trustable person can advance a person quickly in life.
Now, the categorical imperative theorists would argue that objectivism is selfish.   They would argue that because objectivists only think about what will benefit themselves.   They would say that the selfishness would take away, or deprive charity.   Since donating to charity doesn’t directly benefit that one individual, they fill there’s no need for it.   This is a negative point because charity really does help a lot of people and families out during tough times. These theorists would also argue that objectivism does not account for any emotional reactions.   If a person was an objectivist during Hurricane...