Objectives of an Accountant

When running a company there are some important things that must come in account.   The one thing that is probably the most important is the finances for the company.   What happens when the finances go unchecked?   What can a company do to insure that it is not just throwing future profits down the drain?   Well that what accountants are for.  

Being an accountant comes with responsibilities that you are given for controlling a company’s finances.   Knowing these responsibilities will help make you not only make you a successful accountant but also make the company you are working for successful.   The first thing you need to know is the objectives of being an accountant.   The second thing is to know what the terminology is need in the accounting process.   The last thing is to understand what role accounting has played in your own lives. That way you can understand what role you’re playing for a company.
As an accountant you have certain objectives or duties to the company you are for.   The first thing that should be noted that it vital for an accountant to report all information correctly even if it serves as a negative towards the company.   The reason for this is that any false or wrong information that is reported can not only give the company wrong numbers to guide them in a correct direction but also have serious implications with fines and jail. According to Hector Anton from the Journal of Accountancy (1976) there are 12 objectives that an accountant should follow. So that I do drag on this presentation I will name only a few that I feel are the most important.   The first thing which I believe to be the most important would be to identify who has the decision making abilities in the company.   I feel this is the most important because knowing who controls where the finances goes takes away the possibility of too many people making big decisions that could cause problems.   Enterprise earning power is the second one.   This is important because in order...