Obama Care
The Affordable Health Care Act, also known as Obama Care, allows Americans to obtain affordable healthcare coverage. The purpose behind the act is to help uninsured Americans get health insurance, even if they have a preexisting condition. There are ongoing controversies regarding who should apply and whether businesses should suffer consequences if their employees are not offered healthcare coverage under this plan. There are millions of Americans that have signed up for coverage, but there are still millions more that have yet to do so.
The Affordable Health Care Act is known as Obama Care because it is a healthcare initiative created by President Barack Obama and his administration. In short, it helps people who are uninsured get affordable healthcare coverage. This means millions of people that have not had insurance coverage for an extended period of time can get coverage based on their ability to pay. Many question the affordability of the insurance since prices for premiums can cost just as much as if you went to an insurance company and applied for a policy on your own.
There are qualifications to meet that help people learn how to get a cheaper plan that will fit their budget. Individuals, families and small businesses can apply by phone, online, or by mail for coverage. There are different plans available that offer coverage amounts that vary depending on services and health needs of the individual. If you meet qualifications you can get a reduced monthly premium price, but there have been applicants claiming the health insurance is still expensive and feel it is still a challenge to try and pay each month. With this, consumers and critics wonder if Obama Care will accomplish the goal of providing affordable health insurance for all Americans.
Obama Care still has several hurdles to jump over in Congress. While it is a law that provides health insurance opportunities for all Americans, there are still employers and lawmakers that...