Obama, Fix the Economy

Obama’s plan to fix the Economy
The United States economy has been in a recession for quite a long time now; there is a limited amount of choices of what we can do to fix the economy. Obama said he will tell the corporate leaders that government has certain responsibilities to help promote American businesses.   Among those responsibilities, he says, are providing the world’s best schools, the best infrastructure and the best incentives to innovate. He will also tell the executives that they have responsibilities as well. “If we make America the best place to do business, businesses should make their mark here in America.   They should set up shop here and hire our workers and pay decent wages and invest in the future of this nation".
Many Americans citizens would agree that American corporations should minimize the amount factories overseas. In my opinion since the unemployment rate is so low large corporations should finance in making more factories in America compensate the unemployment rate. I also believe that we need a successful partnership between the government and business so we can produce workers who will succeed. The federal government should reduce taxes, that will encourage spending that will hopefully lead to the   growth of small businesses so that they can create more jobs too. I support the coalition of federal government and business so that the unemployment rate can decrease and the economy will eventually increase again.
This connects to what we have been talking about in class since we have been discussing economic policies and public policies. In class we have specifically been talking about fiscal policy which congress wants implement to stimulate growth in the economy. Obama is trying to implement budget surplus and increase government spending to help the economy. The best way to stimulate growth is to have agreements between business and the federal government.